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ADM Grostrong® Mineral - 33 lb Block

Product Code: 50-1999
BRAND: ADM Alliance Nutrition
Item #: 50-1999
ADM Grostrong® Mineral - 33 lb Block

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ADM GROSTRONG® Minerals , a vitamin-mineral supplement for all classes of horses, expecially when feeding low calcium grass forages.

Key Features:

    • Balanced, scientifically formulated complex of 28 minerals and vitamins, including natura-source Vitamin E
    • Formulated specificially for horses
    • 10+ years of livestock nutrition and reasearch and manufacturing experience.
    • Optium amounts of vitamins and minerals
    • Granular and block forms - Granular form (Item # 50-1997) can be fed free-choice, mixed in feed or top-dressed; block forms are handy for free-choice feeding. Available in 25 lb Quad Block (Item # 50-1998) and 25 lb Mineral Block (Item # 50-1999).
    • Ensures horses receive needed major mineralsMineral and vitamin supplementation is necessary for horses for several reasons:
    •Required for digestion and utilization of feedstuffs and for most metabolic processes.
    •Due to mineral depletion of soils, feedstuff nutrient value is lower.
    •Mineral and vitamin content of forages varies greatly.
    •Due to vitamin-mineral interactions, these nutrients need to be supplied in the correct amounts and proportions.
    •To achieve optimum performance.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 33 lb