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Bye Bye Odor® Concentrate for Pets & Livestock - 4 oz

Product Code: 15-5122
BRAND: Spalding Labratories™
Item #: 15-5122
Bye Bye Odor® Concentrate for Pets & Livestock - 4 oz

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Bye Bye Odor® Concentrate is a safe and highly concentrated microbial solution that is capable of reducing or eliminating a wide range of organic odors associated with animal waste and urine. Bye Bye Odor® microbes, when wet, consume or breakdown the urea and other organics that cause the unpleasant smell and unhealthy ammonia build up fro confined animal urine and waste. Bye Bye Odor® is not a cover up, rathe an odor eliminator.

Spray Bye Bye Odor® in livestock and pet areas where urine and feces order persist. Bye Bye Odor® is great to use in animal bedding areas, kennels, cages, holding pens, fair arenas, trailers, trucks, barns, stalls, petting zoos, sales rings, etc. Bye Bye Odor® also works great inside your home for removing pet urine odors from carpet or furniture. Test in an indescrete spot.

Mix 1/2 oz. concentrate with 32 oz. water. Spray liberally on and around odor area.

4 oz bottle makes 2.5 gallons ready to use.

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Additional Information

Size 4 oz