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C4 Equestrian Belt

Product Code: 070-0010
Item #: 070-0010
C4 Equestrian Belt

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C4 Belts comfortably fit up to a 42" waist and can be cut down to size. Classic Belts are 1.25" wide and are 49.25" long before being cut-to-size. Constructed of a super high-quality TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) also known as thermoplastic. It's the same material used to create snowmobile treads and is extremely durable.


    • Waterproof
    • Interchangeable buckles
    • Perfect Fit
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Metal Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • Lifetime Guarantee
Commonly ask question: C4 Belts and Buckles contain absolutely no metal so breeze through most airport security without the hassle or removing your belt. The exception here is with our metal buckles. Keep in mind that some airport checkpoints require belt removal regardless of material.

C4 Buckle sold separately, item # 070-0011