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Cavalor® Endurix - Sport Level 3 - 44 lb

Product Code: 61-3503
BRAND: Cavalor®
Item #: 61-3503
Cavalor® Endurix - Sport Level 3 - 44 lb

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Protein 12.5% - Fat 7.5% - Fiber 9.5%



is the ideal sports mixture to build up great stamina.
Cavalor® Endurix is a mixture for competition horses performing long, aerobic exercises (military, carriage-driving, endurance, eventing and dressage). They get their energy not just from grains, but also require slow release energy sources such as vegetable fats or volatile fatty acids (formed from raw fibers in the large intestine).

Because of their sustained intensive efforts, these horses lose electrolytes (essential minerals) while sweating and that loss needs to be compensated for. Mega Electrolyte ensures that your horse enters the race with sufficient electrolyte reserves.

Muscle Plus, a sophisticated mix of vitamin E and selenium, strengthens the natural resistance and reduces the impact of oxidative stress.