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Cavalor® Wholegain - Special Care - 44 lb

Product Code: 61-3509
BRAND: Cavalor®
Item #: 61-3509
Cavalor® Wholegain - Special Care - 44 lb

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Protein 12.5% - Fat 22% - Fiber 5.5%



Cavalor® WholeGain is a fat concentrate formulated with the Cavalor quality to support.
Cavalor® WholeGain contains a specific blend of oils which creates a beneficial ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. A high proportion of omega 3 fatty acids can improveimmunity, reduce inflammation, and improve energy utilization.

The high oil in Cavalor® WholeGain contains twice as many calories per gram than starch or protein. Fat is a safer solution for weight gain since it does no cause undue systemic stress,such as kidney issues seen with protein-based feeds or muscle and gastrointestinal problemscorrelated to high starch rations.

• Weight Gain : a high fat mixture designed to safely increase weight.
• Immunity : contains omega 3 fatty acids to help support the immune system.
• Gut Health : a powerful trifecta of prebiotics, probiotics & enzymes to improve digestion. It promotes extra shine and weight.

Feeding Directions:
1.TO ADD WEIGHT : Top dress 0.5 to max 1 kg on your normal feeding program.
2. FOR A SHINY COAT: Top dress 0.5 kg on your normal feeding program.
3. AS A RATION BALANCER: change 2 kg from your normal ration, by 1 kg of Cavalor WholeGain.