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Dog Double Row Undercoat Rake


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Millers Forge Vista Undercoat Rake is popular with professional groomers who use it to get rid of shedding. tangled or matted undercoat. which is otherwise tough to handle. The undercoat rake takes care of loose undercoat problems without disturbing the top coat. Ideal for long. double coat dogs like Cocker Spaniels. Chows. Collies. German Shepherds. Golden Retrievers. Huskies. Irish Setters. Newfoundlands. Samoyeds. Sheep Dogs. St. BernArds etc. as well as Persian Cats. the Millers Forge Vista Undercoat Rake has 20 Teflon. anti-static teeth that are attached to a 4'' metal plate. The rake has a comfortable grip handle for ease of use.
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Item 16-5504