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Durasole™ Sole Toughener 4 oz

Product Code: 10-4605
BRAND: AFS Distrubuting
Item #: 10-4605
Durasole™ Sole Toughener 4 oz

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Durasole™ acts as a fixative on the exfoliating sole and insensitive frog on the solar surface of the equine hoof. It disables the intrinsic enzymes which would weaken mechanical composition of these structures, protects the structures from extrinsic damage from microorganisms in their environment, and alters the tissue of the exfoliating sole and insensitive frog at the molecular level, increasing their strength and rigidity by improving their mechanical stability and enhancing their primary function.

Durasole™ is formulated to be an extremely effective sole toughener; additionally, the latest formulation of Durasole™ contains gentian violet to combat fungus and yeast infections and povidone-iodine solution in sufficient concentration to be effective in the treatment of thrush when aerobic conditions are maintained at the infection site.

Apply dropwise to dry sole and frog. Disperse with brush. Do not apply more product at one time than the frog and sole will absorb. Wear gloves and safety lenses. Do not inhale vapors. If product comes in contact with skin, rinse with alcohol. In case of accidental eye contact, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention.