BRAND: E3 Elite Equine Evolution

E3 Antibacterial/Antifungal Shampoo - Quart

E3 Antibacterial/Antifungal Shampoo gentle medicated shampoo commonly used for treatment & prevention of bacterial & fungal skin disorders. Relieves itching, irritation and skin infections. Fortified w/Nan vitamins A, C, E & F, which are Nanoencapsulated in a sustained & controlled delivery system. This allows for better absorption, penetration & diffusion of the vitamins, which helps prevent inflammation and aids in the healing process. Specially formulated for horses. For skin disorders, skin rashes & dry patches, rain rot, ringworm, hot spots, mange and seborrhea.

Active Ingredients: 0.25% Ketoconazole and Triclosan

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Size 32 OZ
Item 15-2802