BRAND: Effax® Leather Care

Effax Leather Balsam - 500 mL

Effax® Leather-Balsam has achieved worldwide popularity as a valued and trusted leather-care product for extending the life of your leather. Used regularly, Leather-Balsam will nourish and protect all of your smooth leather tack and equipment, as well as riding boots, bags and belts! Ideal for ensuring the longevity of new tack as well as replenishing older tack for a renewed softness and resilience. Combining natural lanolin and avocado oil, Leather-Balsam helps restore and maintain the suppleness of leather, keeping it buttery soft and in top condition. Adding the moisture-repellent quality of beeswax, Leather-Balsam will leave your leather with a brilliant shine. Easy to use, simply apply to clean leather, lightly and smoothly with a small sponge. When dry, buff to a shine with a soft, clean cloth. Contains: beeswax, lanolin, avocado oil.
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Size 500 ML
Item 09-4722