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Endura-Max™ Electrolyte Powder - 40 lbs

Product Code: 11-7799
BRAND: Kentucky Performance Products
Item #: 11-7799
Endura-Max™ Electrolyte Powder - 40 lbs

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Endura-Max™ electrolyte powder's unique formula meets the specific needs of the endurance horse. It provides the proper ratio of electrolytes necessary to support optimal performance and quick recovery during and after endurance training and competition.

1 scoop = 1 oz
For immediate oral supplementation, we recommend mixing Endura-Max in a syringe with water or another carrier, such as yogurt or applesauce. For pre-loading prior to the start of competition, Endura-Max can be mixed with the grain or administered orally.

Daily supplementation
Maintenance or transport in hot environments: 1 oz top-dressed on ration
Moderate work: 2-3 oz top-dressed on ration
Heavy training: 3-4 oz top-dressed on ration∗
∗KPP recommends dividing this daily amount into separate feedings.
During competition
Night before competition: 2 oz
Prior to start: 2 oz
At every vet check: 2 oz
Always provide your horse with fresh, clean water when supplementing with electrolytes.

Storage and shelf life:
Store Endura-Max in a cool, dry place and reseal container during storage. Shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture when stored under suitable conditions.