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EndurExtra® - High Fat Supplement - 25 lbs

Product Code: 11-7405
BRAND: Kentucky Performance Products
Item #: 11-7405
EndurExtra® - High Fat Supplement - 25 lbs

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(Kentucky Performance Products) Concentrated source of high-fat energy, rich in antioxidants and direct-fed microbials. EndurExtra is the perfect choice for hard keepers, top performance horses, and seniors.

EndurExtra was specifically developed for horses who need more than a diet of hay and grain can provide. EndurExtra's special blend of ingredients supports a hearty appetite, a desirable body weight, a robust immune system, and healthy muscle function. EndurExtra's concentrated blend of readily digestible fats is supplemented at the low rate of eight ounces per day. 50 day supply for 1 horse.
EndurExtra provides a combination of ingredients that support several critical systems in your horse: his digestive tract, immune system, and neuromuscular system. By supplementing with EndurExtra you are taking a multi-pronged approach to maintaining your horse's overall well-being.