BRAND: Equi-Resp

Equi-Resp Elite Nebulizer Unit


Note: Non-Stock Item.  Call us to order, 1-800-928-7777.

Equi-Resp Elite Nebulizer Unit brings Equine Nebulization to a new level of professionalism and proven ability to reach deep into the lungs. Can be used for multiple horses or horses with serious issues such as bleeders, COPD/HEAVES, allergies, asthma and all respiratory issues. Preset at correct PSI for maximum nebulization deep into the lungs.

Unit Includes:
- Powerful Compressor (two fans build in to keep unit cool)
- Mask
- 1 Bottle EquiSilver Veterinary Antimicrobial Silver Respiratory Solution
- 1 Bottle PURE Disinfectant
- 2 Sets of Medicine Cups and Tubing
- Pressure Gauge completely enclosed
- Accessories Bag
- All Instructions and Protocols

-2 Year on Compressor and Mask

What makes the mask different?
  • Form Fitting Gastket; non-irratating fit that keeps product in.
  • Soft Clear Design; watch your horse breath in product and insure proper fit.
  • No pieces or parts; easy to clean.
  • Co2 Port helps: designed to ensure Co2 goes down and out, any exudates drains, Help your horse breathe more product in.
  • American Made

Why use Pure Cleaner?
   Kills bacteria and viruses in 30 secons to 2 minutes*
  Kills multiple stains of CRE (the nightmare bacteria) and a broad spectrum of resistant bacteria such as MSRA and VRE., HIV, Norovirus, Influenza A, H1N1 and Rotavirus.
  When used as directed, provids residual protection for 24 hours.

Also sold separately:
EquiSilver Veterinary Antimicrobial Silver Respiratory Solution , item # 11-5560.
Pure Hard Surface Cleaner, quart, item #22-4425.
Medicine Cup Replacements:
  • Equi-Resp Rapid Flow Nebulizer, item #22-4422
  • Equi-Resp Rapid Flow Nebulizer item #22-4423
Manufacturer highly suggest you change the medicine cup and tubing every time you start a new bottle of EquiSilver.

More Information
Item 22-4430