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Equiblend Pasture Tub - 125 lb

Product Code: 50-1996
BRAND: Nutrena®
Item #: 50-1996
Equiblend Pasture Tub - 125 lb

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Cargill's Equiblend Pasture Tub for is a low moisture block that incorporated technology that allow horses to have limited intake to approximately 1 - 2 lb per day.

Designed for horses with readily available forage as pasture or hay. Providing fortified supplementation of minerals, vitamins and amino acid requirements. Not intented to be a calorie source. Includes a digestive aid to enhance fiber utilization including prebiotiics, probiotics and organic minerals. Elevated levles of limiting amino acids: Lysine, Methionine and Threonine. Added Biotin along with organic minerals and amino acids contribute to hoof growth and sound development.
For all classess of Equines.

Feeding Recommendations
As a guide: One 125 lb tube to every 10 - 20 head of horses. Expected consumption is 0.5 to 3.0 lb per 1,000 lb animal per day. If consumption is more than 3.0 lb per day, take the tub out of field. If consumption is less than 0.5 lb per head per day, add a tub. Provide plenty of clean, fresh wat at all times.