BRAND: Aquacomb

Equine Aqua Comb™


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The Equine Aqua Comb™ deep cleans mane and tail to the roots; helping to eliminate fungus, sweat itch and skin conditions! Manes, tail and large features will benefit from Aqua Combs™ ease of use, fast and full deep cleaning experience.
The combination of the water spray and pic-comb design spreads the hair allowing a deep cleaning from the skin level out and a faster drying time which helps fight the initiation of fungus and skin conditions.

Aqua Combs™ used with your favorite shampoo are great to prep your show horse for close clipping. It gives a relaxing deep hydro massage that is so good that most horses become a willing recipient of a bath! Because the comb allows the spray to reach the skin directly, the Aqua Comb™ works remarkably well at instant cool downs after an intense workout! Reduces wash time by 30% using less soap and only one scraping to dry your horse.

The Equine Aqua Comb™ also works well on cows, pigs, goats etc. or any other furred animals. MADE IN AMERICA.

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