BRAND: Eqyss Grooming

EQyss® Barn Barrier Natural Fly Repellent - Quart


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EQyss® Barn Barrier Natural Fly Repellent is the PERFECT Natural Fly Repellent using a gentle blend of 4 natural botanical oils. Hate the smell of Citronella? Barn Barrier is CITRONELLA FREE! Barn Barrier has been Field Study tested, and proven to repel Horn Flies, Face Flies, Stable Flies, and House Flies. Works on Mosquitos, too. Barn Barrier is also pH balanced, unlike other Fly Sprays, so it won’t irritate your horse’s skin or damage coats, manes, or tails. Safe for use on bedding, bridles, blankets & other tack. Safe for horses, ponies, and foals.

   • Safe & effective
   • Uses a combination of 4 Natural repellents
   • Clean fresh scent
   • Field Study Proven
   • Environmentally friendly

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Size 32 OZ
Item 03-1807