BRAND: McCauley's® Equine Formulas

McCauley's® Trinergy Gold™ - 25 lb

McCauley's® Trinergy Gold™ - 25 lb pelleted vitamin & mineral balancer for performance horses.

Designed for performance horses. The stresses of training and competition (strenuous exercise; high exposure to air-borne irritants, pathogens, and possibly various mycotoxins; shipping; confinement; etc.) require unique nutritional support.
. Specifically made with attributes to sustain gut health.
. Contains biotin to sustain healthy hoof and haircoat condition.
. Supplies nutritionally significant amount of vitamin C.
. When fed as directed, fulfills all mineral and vitamin requirements for horses at all levels of exercise.
. Supplies high levels of specific vitamins and minerals whose normal functions include:

  • antioxidant activity,
  • proper bone remodeling,
  • maintaining the integrity of muscles and lung tissue,
  • production of connective tissue (maintains tendon strength and elasticity) and
  • maximizing the immune response,
. High fat content, only from vegetable sources.
. Extremely palatable—readily consumed even when fed alone.

Trinergy Gold is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement designed to be fed with oats or similar grains to horses at maintenance or work.

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