McCauley's® Sport 14 Feed - 50 lb


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McCauley's® Sport 14 Feed is a pellet feed formulated for the needs of all horses.

Protein 14% - Fat 8 % - Fiber 17%
Form: Pellet
Formulated for: All Horses
Key Features:
• Highly digestible fiber (doesnt include wheat midds)
Yea-Sacc®: Pre-biotic yeast that supports digestive function during periods of high stress, helps improve fiber digestion, and promote microbiome diversity in the digestive system
Actigen®: Blocks the colonization of pathogenic bacteria and promotes microbiome diversity. Actigen supports the immune system and aids in nutrient utilization/ absorption for improved performance.
Bioplex®: Includes 100% organic protonated trace minerals. This form of mineral improves absorption, utilization, and stability; leading to greater support in immune status, overall health, and use for performance.
Sel-Plex®: Organic Selenium yeast is approved by the FDA and EU. Provides greater safety, absorption, utilization, and stability compared to inorganic selenium. Supports equine metabolic processes, and acts as an antioxidant through aiding in tissue protection and muscle integrity. The increased stability also drastically supports vitamin E integrity in the feed increasing the utilization of vitamin E in the diet.

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