Wiser Concepts® WeighgainWise™ - 20 lb

Wiser Concepts® WeightgainWise™ Calorie dense,high fat supplement formula maintains optimal body weight and a healthy appetite. 20 lb (9.09 kg) jar (contains 80 scoops)
1 scoop equals 4 oz
WeightGainWise: • Contains a concentrated blend of easy-to-digest, calorie-dense fats. Add as little as ½ pound per day (8 oz) to the diet.
• Provides prebiotics and probiotics that support optimal digestibility of your horse’s ration and stimulates a healthy appetite.
• Supports a calm and focused attitude by reducing the hormone spikes related to excessive starch/sugar intake.
• Sustains healthy metabolism by providing calories low in starch and sugar.

Recommended for:
To support horses who need extra calories, struggle to maintain a healthy body condition, or those with metabolic challenges that require a low starch/sugar diet.

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