BRAND: Finish Line® Horse Products

Finish Line® Iron Power® - Gallon

Finish Line® Iron Power® is used as an aid in preventing iron deficiency anemia. This daily supplement is a multi-vitamin /multi-mineral supplement with high levels of B-vitamin complex that support healthy blood counts in your horse. It will not make your horse hot or nervous when given as directed. Gallon provides a 64 day supply for one horse at 2 fl oz/ day maintenance.

Clinically proven to increase red blood cell counts and hemoglobin levels. Your horse will clean up his feed. Great for nervous horses and horses that tie-up. Easy-to-feed liquid contains biotin, for healthier coats and hoof growth.

Iron Power® has the following benefits for your horse:

   • B12 supports DNA, RNA, energy metabolism, liver, brain and nervous system function
   • WILL NOT TEST POSITIVE or make a horse nervous when given as directed
   • See Results with Iron Power® in 30 days!

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