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Free-Flow® Heavy Duty Watering Valve (Varnan)

Product Code: 19-3007
BRAND: Freeland Industries
Item #: 19-3007
Free-Flow® Heavy Duty Watering Valve (Varnan)

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Free-Flo® Anti Siphon Water Valve. Replacement valve for prevention of water overflow. Adjustable water level 4" to 20" above valve. Mounts in sidewall near the bottom of the tank, out of reach of livestock. Can be installed directly into Freeland drain.

Preferred Water Valve for Varnan Waterers.

Features & Benefits:
• No Float, rod or guard needed
• Approved non-siphoning
• Fits all tanks and troughs with 1/2" or less wall thickness
• Automatically maintains water level
• Easily installed in new or existing system
• Protected from surface freezing
• Completely corrosion proof
• 16" water level adjusting knob
• Protected against damage from livestock
• Easily installed in new or existing system
• Hook-up 1/4" copper pipe, 1/2" metal pipe, garden hose or 1" PVC adapter fitting