Fungicide Plus - Pint

Product Code: 01-2515
BRAND: Enviro Equine
Item #: 01-2515
Fungicide Plus - Pint

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Enviro Equine Fungicide Plus has been specially formulated to combine the natural healing benefits of colloidal sulfur, camelina oil, and essential oils, providing quick relief to most skin conditions.
This antifungal cream helps prevent infection, soothes and promotes healing, healthy skin, and hair regrowth in affected areas. It is fast-acting, non-messy, easy-to-apply, will not sting or burn, and is infused with tea tree, lemongrass, and other essential oils.
Added camelina oil conditions the skin, hair, and aids in the healing of minor skin issues.
For use on the following skin ailments:
Dry Skin, Cannon Bone Scurf, Sweet Itch, Rain Rot, Scratches, Ringworm, Mane and Tail Itching.