German Martingale Rein Set

Product Code: 08-0013
BRAND: Nunn Finer Products
Item #: 08-0013
German Martingale Rein Set

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(Nunn Finer) A popular training device to encourage flexing in the poll and jaw. Gives the rider added influence without using a lot of pressure on the reins. Equus rubber reins are included, straps are detachable and adjustable.
Nunn Finer German Martingale Rein Set gives great control without applying force. Consistent use will result in nice flexion and correct head set.
Designed with large pimple rubber buckle end reins with 3 hooks for martingale adjustments and for ease of removal.
Bridle, Bits, & Martingale not included.
Made in America.
Size: Reins 5/8" x 60", martingale straps adjust from 33" to 39"