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Hallway® Feeds Handimash™ - 40 lb

Product Code: 61-2008
BRAND: Hallway Feeds®
Item #: 61-2008
Hallway® Feeds Handimash™ - 40 lb

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Protein 10% - Fat 4% - Fiber 4%

Form: Mash

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Hallway® Feeds HandiMash™ is a very palatable mash that entices horses to consume and rehydrate, and an easy means of medicating if necessary.Formulated using key "super-fibers" allowing for a quick soaking time for making a mash for consumption. Additionally, HandiMash™ contains electrolytes to replenish losses after heavy workouts, vitamin E as a source of antioxidants for immune support and muscle recovery, and Aspergillus oryzae to supportdigestive function, efficiency and overall health and wellness, along with selenium yeast, an antioxidant for immune support.

Now fortified with Buffered Mineral Complex (BMC)
Formulated for: For horses during times of stress where hydration is essential and more beneficial than the typical bran mash.

Protein 10% - Fat 4% - Fiber 23%
Form: Mash

Beneficial for Foaling mare's week before foaling & week after foaling. Also beneficial for horses traveling and in need of hydration.

Quick to soak and can be fed as needed.

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Additional Information

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