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Heiro™ - Healthy Equine Insulin Resistant Rescue - 30 Day

Product Code: 11-4931
BRAND: Equine Medical & Surgical Assc
Item #: 11-4931
Heiro™ - Healthy Equine Insulin Resistant Rescue - 30 Day

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HEIRO stands for Healthy Equine Rescue Organics. A great-tasting proprietary blend including blue-green spirulina, kelp, peppermint, alfalfa and more. A veterinary formula nutritional supplement that gets your horse back to pasture faster.
The only supplement tested to ensure safe sugar and starch content and using USDA Certified Organic Herbs to control Insulin Double-lab tested for mineral amounts. Provides documented information regarding the Vitamin E level per scoop showing we are the highest level in the world. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and vascular supporter of the hoof. 30 day supply.