BRAND: Best Friend® Equine

Best Friend® Merino Sheepskin Muzzle Noseband Pad


NOTE:Stocking Horse Size: Deluxe Black, Deluxe Natural and Standard Black. All others sizes and colors can be ordered in eta 5 - 7 days, call us to order1-800-928-7777..

Best Friend® Merino Sheepskin Muzzle Noseband Pad real merino sheepskin protects your horse's face during long hours in a muzzle. It provides insulation from both winter chill and summer heat and absorbs moisture.

Two different styles of noseband pads for two different styles of Best Friends® muzzles:

1. A 1-pc. Deluxe noseband liner, designed for use with Best Friends grazing and cribbing muzzles. Available in Black or Natural colors. Measure 11 inches.

  • Lines either the upper (nose area) or lower (chin area) of the deluxe grazing muzzle and is adjustable with hook and loop straps.
  • Order two liners in order to line both the upper (nose) and lower (chin) bands of the deluxe grazing muzzle.

2. Designed for use standard muzzles. Available in Black only.

  • Some customers like to use the deluxe noseband liner to cover both the noseband of the halter and the noseband of the muzzle at the same time.
  • Notched noseband that attaches to the halter noseband (the notch allows for the strap from the muzzle to the halter.)

To clean: periodically brush the wool pile to clean. Machine or hand wash with mild soap and cool water. Air dry.

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