BRAND: Oster®

Oster® Golden A5® Single Speed Clipper


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Oster® Golden A5® Single Speed professional animal clipper (Model 5-01) is a cool, fast, and easy way to groom your pets. Featuring a universal motor that puts out over 2,100 strokes per minute to tackle any coat, any matt, any time. Don’t be deterred by the slower speed, this clipper packs serious torque to tackle the toughest in thick or matted coats, and remains cool to the touch while you clip. No more worrying about chewed up clippers, the Golden A5’s powerful motor is surrounded by a virtually unbreakable chew-proof housing that will stand the test of time. Choose what the professionals use with the Oster Golden A5 clipper, and take the hassle out of grooming.
Is compatible with A5® Cryogen-X™ blade, Elite Cryogen-X™ blade and the wider Take-Down-Quick™ wide blade series. Comes with a carrying case.

   • Powerful Universal Rotary Motor
   • Includes #10 Cryogen-X detachable blade
   • Compatible with all Oster®A5® detachable blades
   • Single speed clipper with up to 2,100 strokes per minute
   • 12 foot cord.

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