Purina® EquiTub® with ClariFly® - 55 lb Tub


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Protein 14% - Fat 8.5% - Fiber 5%

Form: 55 lb Tub

Purina® EquiTub® with ClariFly® Product PDF

Purina® EquiTub® with ClariFly® is an easy-to-feed, self-fed horse supplement for consistent nutrition and seasonal fly control.
Features & Benefits:

  • Feed-through Fly Control Contains ClariFly® Larvicide, a feed additive that passes through the horse and is expelled in the manure, where it helps control house and stable fly populations by interrupting their life cycle
  • Gastric Support Formulated with Outlast® gastric support supplement to support optimal gastric pH
  • Bloom and Body Condition Formulated with Amplify® high-fat horse supplement to maintain body condition, shine and bloom
  • High-quality Ingredients Provides essential nutrients typically missing in forage
  • Ionophore-free Manufacturing Made in an ionophore-free facility

You can count on our research-backed formula to provide supplemental nutrition, fly control and gastric support in a palatable form designed for multi-horse convenience. High-quality ingredients such as alfalfa, rice bran and flaxseed are paired with cutting-edge technology to help ensure consistent intake and nutrient delivery. The formula also includes ClariFly® Larvicide. This feed additive passes through the horse and is expelled in the manure where house and stable flies lay their eggs, preventing the emergence of adult flies.
Feed with confidence knowing Purina® EquiTub® with ClariFly® is manufactured in an ionophore-free facility and has been tested at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center and in field trials around the country.

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