Keyflow® Golden Oldies® - 15 Kg


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Keyflow® Golden Oldies® Senior balancer mash with DHA, Omega 3, tumeric and Protexin® probiotic. Specifically formulated to meet the needs of older equines, delivering scientifically advanced ingredients, in a concentrated MASH ration balancer form.
Protein 30% - Fat 9% - Fiber 11.5%
Form: Extruded/ Mash

Perfect for:
•Horses and ponies over the age of 15 years old
• Horses prone to arthritis
• Mature horses requiring immune and mobility support
• Sensitive types and those prone to ulcers
• Horses with poor dentition
•Suitable for barefoot, cushings and laminitics

Key Points:
•Ideal to be fed all year round
• Highly concentrated and economical to feed
• Comprehensive, high spec nutrition
• Low in sugar and starch
• Extremely palatable
• Protexin® probiotics to stabilize and support hindgut health
• Prebiotics to target and remove unwanted bacteria
• Gluten free
• Includes Turmeric
• Contains long chain Omega 3 DHA to support joint mobility, muscle suppleness and respiratory health
• Contains scientifically profiled amino acids to combat muscle wastage
• Feed with Pink Mash®, if more condition is required add extra Key-Plus™ to the diet

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