Keyflow® Nurture® - 15 Kg


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Keyflow® Nurture® Scientifically formulated hi-fiber feed for stud horses as well as any horse that requires extra muscle and skeletal development and growth.
Protein 16.5% - Fat 7.6% Fiber 20%
Form: Large Nugget

Perfect for:
• Foals and Weanlings
• Yearlings and Yearling Prep
• Two-Year-Old's in pre-training & training
• Stallions
• Any horse which requires musculature development and growth
• Horses that have restricted access to pasture

Key Points:
• Scientifically formulated high fiber developmental feed
• Pre-digested (steam extruded) to allow for maximum nutrient absorption
• Low in sugar & starch with no molasses
• Highly palatable in large nuggets that are easily eaten off the ground
• Contains the long chain omega 3 fatty acid DHA which helps support semen mobility, mare postpartum recovery, early feeding behaviors and on going foal development.
• Nurture® has an amino acid profile carefully matched to the horses to support growth and development of the soft tissue and bone
• Designed to be fed at lower feeding rates than traditional stud feed
• Protexin® Pro-biotic for improved gut health as well as pre-biotic

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