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Lactalex™ Paste - 60 mL

Product Code: 11-1018
BRAND: Perfect Products, LLC
Item #: 11-1018
Lactalex™ Paste - 60 mL

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Lactalex™ supports optimal muscle function and enhances comfort to horses in training and actively competing. Lactalex helps you and your horse achieve your best performance while avoiding all prohibited substances.

• Compare to Lactanase combined with BCAA, Vitamin E - Selenium, and PP1.
• Lactalex is offered as individual powder packets or in a concentrated 60cc paste.
• Does not contain any prohibited substances. Does not contain the prohibited substance Dichloroacetate.

• May support healthy lactic acid levels in muscles
• PP1 may help support muscle comfort
• Vitamin E acts as a free radical scavenger to support the repair of damaged muscle cells
• Branch Chain Amino Acids support the return of muscles to pre-exercise condition
• Supplies nutrients necessary for the formation of acetyl coenzyme A, a molecule that helps muscles release energy
• Contains no prohibited substances. Helps address tying up issues as well.

Suggested Use:
Feed 30cc (one half oral syringe) the evening before performance and 30cc or 60cc 4 hours prior to performance according to horse's needs. Administer additional doses to boost post performance recovery.

Tips for Best Results
Lactalex is effective when used alone or may be safely stacked with veterinarian prescribed medications. Will not upset the GI tract.