Legends® Sport Horse Plus - Textured - 50 lb


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Protein 12% - Fat 10% - Fiber 12%

Form: Textured

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Legends® Sport Horse Plus - Textured A textured feed for mature horses in moderate to intense performance and show activities.
Protein 12% - Fat 10% - Fiber 12%
Form: Textured


  • Legends GastroCare™ Technology has been blended into this feed for added gastric support.
  • Enhanced Starch and Sugar levels to provide fuel for maximum performance.
  • High Fat provides increased calories for stamina and improved body condition under heavy work.
  • Oat-Based Formula for palatability and digestibility under demanding conditions.
  • Fixed-Ingredient Formula for consistent palatability and consumption.
  • Added Prebiotic and Probiotic cultures to support digestive efficiency and health.
  • Added Flax to support hoof, muscle, joint and immune system function.
  • Amino Acid Fortification to support muscle repair and maintenance.
  • Organic Trace Minerals Including Selenium for desired hoof, coat, skin quality and to support immune system.

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