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Mare Plus® - 7.5 lbs (60 day)

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Mare Plus® a concentrated, scientifically formulated and balancedvitamin-mineral concentrate, crumbled and molasses flavored for taste appeal. Keepsbroodmares in optimal condition during all stages of breeding.

Pregnancy and lactation take a lot out of a mare. Mare Plus® helps her meet the demands of these challenging moments in her life. It's rich in vitamins A, D3, and E, as well as calcium, phosphorus and iodine.

Features & Benefits:

• Keeps broodmares in optimal condition
• Scientifically formulated and balanced vitamin-mineral concentrate
• Recommended for year-round supplementation of broodmares

For Broodmares:
Nutrient requirements of the broodmare increase significantly during gestation andlactation. Plus, in order to conceive, the mare must be in optimum condition. MarePlus® supplement supplies vitamins A and E to supplement and augment these vitaminsfound in the natural diet. Mare Plus® supplement also provides a source of calcium,phosphorous and vitamin D3 demanded by the requirements of the unborn foal.

For Lactating Mares:
Following the mineral and vitamin requirements of pregnancy, a lactating mareis called upon to produce several liters of milk daily, and she will at the expenseof her own vitamin-mineral requirement. Mare Plus® supplement is designed forfast assimilation by the dam to supplement her diet and meet the vitamin-mineralrequirements of the suckling foal.

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