BRAND: McCauley's® Equine Formulas

McCauley's® Longevity® Feed Cubes- 50 lbs


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Protein 12% - Fat 6 - Fiber 12%

Form: Cubed

McCauley's® Longevity® Pelleted PDF

McCauley's® Longevity® is a pelleted feed formulated for geriatric horses.

Protein 12% - Fat 6% - Fiber 12%


    • Easily available nutrients in the proper balance to meet the needs of geriatric and stressed horses.
    • Calorie dense
    • High in digestible fiber
    • Formulated to promote proper gut function
    • Fully fortified with all essential vitamins & minerals
    • Contains natural sources of antioxidants and essetial fatty acids
    • Supplies nutritionally significant amount of Vitamin C
    • Contains added biotin
    • Very palatable
    • Available in approximately 1/2 inch diameter pellets.
• Helps to maintain a healthy life for horses that may be experiencing the effects of old ageor stress due to sickness or heavy work
• Improves nutrient absorption and use
• Aids in maintaining and/or improving body condition of geriatric and stressed horses
• Natural and added antioxidants aid in maximizing immune function
• Biotin helps to maintain and improve hoof quality
• Helps to restore vitamin C levels normally maintained by healthy horses

Feeding Recommendations

    Longevity®may be fed as a mash.
    In many cases, even horses over 20 years of age can be kept in good condition with McCauley's Original® 12 pelleted feed. Please consult our nutritionists for more information. For horses experiencing difficulty in chewing hay and/or pasture, McCauley's Alam® may partially or completely replace the roughage portion of the diet. Alam® can be fed as a mash.
    See PDF for further instructions.

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SIZE 50 lb
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