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Omega Horseshine® - 4.5 lbs

Product Code: 11-1336
BRAND: Omega Fields®- Enreco
Item #: 11-1336
Omega Horseshine® - 4.5 lbs

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Omega Horseshine® the premium Omega-3 supplement made with stabilized, ground, whole flaxseed. Omega Horseshine® is a powerful bountiful source of stable milled flax, rich in Omega-3! Made with Omega-3 stabilized, freshly-ground flax seed to help maintain a shiny coat, strong hooves and ideal performance condition. Horses in all stages of life may benefit from the addition of Omega-3's, which promote health and overall vitality.

• 10mg of Biotin per serving
• Now with Chelated Minerals and Lysine for better uptake
• Improve cracked brittle horse hooves and develops strong solid hoof growth
• Promote shiny, healthy coat, and smoother skin texture

Feeding Directions:
Feed 1/2 to 1 standard measuring cup daily, top dressed over feed for 1000 lb. to 2000 lb. horse (adjust amount proportionally up or down per weight of horse; i.e. 1/4 to 1/2 cup for 500 lb. to 700 lb. horse and 1 1/2 to 2 cup for a 1500 to 2000 lb. horse).

Recommended feeding directions for Active or Performance horse is 1 cup to 3 cups per day year round dependent on weight of horse.

Start gradually to suggested minimum daily serving.

Recommended short term upload when addressing skin, coat, hoof, & joint problems- adjusted amount is 1 cup to 3 cups daily for 1000 lb. to 2000 lb horse (adjust upload amount proportionally up or down per weight of horse). Continue upload amount suggested until problem is alleviated.

In Each 1/2 Cup Serving (85g)
15.73g of Omega-3
5.1g of Omega-6
5.1g of Omega-9
10mg of Biotin

Carbohydrates, % Min. 38.9
NSC (Non Structural Carbohydrate), 4.4%
Sugar, 3.8 %
Starch, 0.6 %
(NSC "As Fed" Laboratory Results per Dairy One, Inc.)

Digestible Energy = 2,121.81 Kcal/lb.
Metabolizable Energy = 1,958.14 Kcal/lb.

Omega Horseshine: One cup serving
Digestible Energy = 530 Kcal
Metabolizable Energy = 489 Kcal

263.5 mg of Diamond V Yeast per 1/2 cup serving (85 grams)
0.85 grams of Lysine per 1/2 cup serving (85 grams)
Omega Horseshine will provide 19% of the horse's minimum requirement of Se.