BRAND: Perfect Products, LLC

Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Paste - 60 cc

Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold is a long acting focus and attitude formula for horses requiring support for extended periods of time. Ideal for "that sustained golden attitude," Gold creates focus that lasts up to 18 hours. Effects are cumulative with daily use.

• Long lasting calming support in an easy-to-administer paste.
• Generous 60cc oral syringe contains 1-2 doses of active ingredients.
• Use the night before and morning of your event.Should be administered 6 to 12 hours before performance. Effects last up to 18 hours after last dose and are cumulative with daily use.
• May be used alone or as part of the Perfect Prep Calming System Click here for how to use the Perfect Prep Calming System.
• Contains no prohibited substances.

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Size 60 GM
Item 11-1017