BRAND: Cox Veterinary Labs

Perktone - Gallon

Perktone is a vitamin, iron, and mineral supplement that supports healthy red blood cells for sustained energy. When horses train, race, and perform, the high speed action of their large muscles puts tremendous stress on their physiological systems. Fortunately, research has produced valuable knowledge about the nutrients that can be carried through the bloodstream to nurture the body. These nutrients can elevate and sustain energy levels and mental alertness, while preventing damage to tissues. Higher blood counts enable horses to carry larger amounts of oxygen to the muscles and vital organs, thus helping to promote higher energy levels, increased stamina, and better performance. A uniquely formulated and therapeutically balanced nutritional supplement optimally fortified with vitamins, minerals, and iron. Homogenized for maximum consistency and flow ability, it provides the most potent and reliable source of blood building nutrients available.

Recommended Dosage: 1 to 2 oz. daily

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