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Plusvital Acti-Hoof 750 gm (1.65 lb)

Product Code: 11-1524
BRAND: Plusvital (Ireland)
Item #: 11-1524
Plusvital Acti-Hoof 750 gm (1.65 lb)

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Plusvital Acti-Hoof designed for horses that are prone to weak and brittle hooves, Plusvital Acti-Hoof is formulated to nourish the structures of the hoof from the inside out. A rich source of biotin, amino acids and minerals for healthy and strong hooves. The Acti-Hoof powder provides all the nutrients required for optimum hoof health.

Plusvital Acti-Hoof aims to promote hoof growth using a combination of Biotin, along with Copper and Zinc. Methionine and Lysine are included as essential amino acids, required for the formation of Keratin, which is the key constituent of hooves and hair. Vitamin B6 is included as a key factor in the transformation of amino acids.

Acti-Hoof also has the additional benefit of a probiotic yeast. Research has shown that probiotics help enhance gastrointestinal digestion, which may reduce the occurrence of laminitis and toxins.

Key features:
• Biotin for strong and healthy hooves
• Source of Copper, Zinc and Selenium
• Essential amino acids - Lysine and Methionine for hoof growth
• Active yeast for improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
• Vitamin B6 for transformation of Amino Acids

Recommended Dosage:
Add 25 gm daily to the feed for as long as desired.
Note: best results are seen with continuous supplementation to give the new hoof time to grow
30 day supply in the 750 gm container.