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Probios Powder - 25 lbs

Product Code: 20-6306
BRAND: Probios
Item #: 20-6306
Probios Powder - 25 lbs

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Probios® microbial products contain live (viable) microorganisms intended to supplement the digestive system of animals. Probiotic microorganisms can help balance the bacteria in the digestive tract of the animal. A well-functioning digestive tract supports a good appetite and normal immune function.

Ideal for use during trailering, traveling, competition, weaning, and at birth. Changes in an animal's regular routine-in feed, weather, or location-can adversely affect the balance of an animal's natural gut microflora. Probiotics support the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut and overall health.

Probios® contains a blend of research-proven strains of beneficial bacteria to support appetite and digestion in horses.

Comes in a resealable bucket for storage.
Store in a cool, dry area for maximum stability.

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