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Progressive® Foals First® Milk Replacer Powder - 22 lbs

Product Code: 11-2807
BRAND: Progressive® Nutrition
Item #: 11-2807
Progressive® Foals First® Milk Replacer Powder - 22 lbs

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Progressive Nutrition's Foals First ® - Milk Replacer Powder is a highly digestible foal milk replacer for orphan or rejected foals. It contains the highest quality milk ingredients, vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development. Foals First ® - Milk Replacer Powder is mixed with water and fed free-access to foals in a bucket.

Get the Foals First® Milk Replacer Advantage:

    • Free-choice bucket feeding, on demand, makes raising an orphan easy
    • Nutritionally balanced and fortified to meet the nutrient demands of the young growing foal
    • Contains 'all milk ingredients' for easy digestion
    • Slightly acidified to help reduce the risk of over-consumption
    • Provide at room temperature for convenience
    • Easy to mix and feed
    • Packaging: 22 lb bucket
Day 1 - Start of Feeding
Start with 1/2 of the desired daily consumption rate split into 2 Equal feedings (AM and PM)Increase amount of milk by 1/2 gallon each day until full recommended intake amount is reached.

If foal is still hungry, offer Foals First® Starter & Creep pellets in separate feeder.

Recommended Mixing & Daily Feeding Amounts: Repeat A.M and P.M Daily

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 22 lb