Pro*Kold Ice Wrap 4 Panel - Short

Pro-Kold 4 Panel Ice Wraps provide your horse with long lasting cold and compression. You can double the icing time with extra Pro-Kold Ice Inserts for your 4 Panel Wrap. This ice inserts are made of Pro-Kold's non-toxic formula. They remain flexible when frozen allowing your horse mobility while icing after a workout. Recommended for below knee, cannon bone, ankle and pastern. Hook and loop closures. Sold individually. Measure 18" wide by 12" length. Comes with 4 Ice inserts.

Holds temperature at 33 degrees for as long as 1 1/2 hours and stays cold for 2 hours. Ripstop nylon casing and industrial grade polymers to ensure long life.

Features of the Pro-Kold Long Ice Inserts include:
• Made of non-toxic purified water that remains flexible when frozen.
• Easy to use - simply freeze and slip into your Pro-Kold 4 Panel Long Ice Wrap.
• Replaces lost or damaged ice inserts.
• Delivers uniform cold with ice packets that stay in place as they thaw.

Providing your horse extra ice time is essential to help control the pain and swelling that may occur after a vigorous workout. With Pro-Kold Long Ice Inserts, you can be sure to maximize your cryotherapy while maintaining safe, consistent cooling temperatures. Cold Compression Therapy is a proven method to aid in mending injuries and speed postoperative healing.

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