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Purina® Omolene 300® - Growth - 50 lbs

Product Code: 61-6034
BRAND: Purina® Animal Nutrition
Item #: 61-6034
Purina® Omolene 300® - Growth - 50 lbs

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Protein 16% - Fat 6% - Fiber 7%

Form: Textured

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Purina® Omolene 300® Growth Horse Feed, a optimal nutiriton for growing foals, because you never get over a bad start.

Now with Outlast® Gastric Support Supplement

Formulated for: Foals, Weanlings, Yearling, and Pregnant or Lactating Mares Fed with foals

Protein 16% - Fat 6% - Fiber 7%
Form: Textured

Key Features:
Whole Grain Nutrition
Supports pregnancy, lactation and proper growth
Gastric Support
Formulated with ® supplement to support gastric healthand proper gut pH
Healthy Appearance
Contains ® High-Fat Nugget to maintain body condition,shine and bloom
• b>Muscle Growth & Bone Development
Fortified with milk components, including amino acids andpolysaccharides found in mare's milk
Lactation Nutrition
High-quality protein with balanced nutrients and caloriesto support milk production

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 50 lb