BRAND: KER - Kentucky Equine Research

KER® RiteTrac™ - 6 kg (13.2 lb)

KER® RiteTrac™ is a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to support total digestive tract health. Targeted at both the foregut and hindgut of the horse, RiteTrac works in two distinct ways. First, with its combination of fast-acting antacids and coating agents, RiteTrac quickly neutralizes excessive gastric acid, protecting the stomach lining and restoring the normal gastric environment. Second, RiteTrac™ contains EquiShure®, a time-released hindgut buffer designed to act on the cecum and colon by minimizing the effects of subclinical hindgut acidosis.

RiteTrac is Suitable for Many Horses, Including Those:

  • At risk of gastric and colonic ulcers
  • In training or work On high-grain diets
  • Grazing lush pasture
  • Experiencing stressful conditions such as travel, show/sale preparation, and weaning
  • With unexplained behavioral problems With weight loss of unknown origin Prone to mild colic with no obvious reason
  • Susceptible to laminitis With digestive upsets
Feeding Directions

For best results, split between two feedings.
1 scoop = 60 g
Feed 120 g daily.
50 Servings if feed at 120g per day

More Information
Size 11 TO 20 LB
Item 11-1224