BRAND: Arm & Hammer

Baking Soda - 15 lbs

(Arm & Hammer) For a Fresher Cleaner home. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is pure, safe and natural. For fresher, cleaner clothes. Improves your liquid laundry performance. Add 1 cup with liquid laundry detergent for cleaner, fresher clothes. For scratchless cleaning. Scrubs away stains and grease without scratching. Sinks Counters Ovens Refrigerators Bathtubs Microwaves Pots & Pans Stainless Steel. For household deodorizing. Absorbs and eliminates odors on contact. Garbage Pails, Litter Boxes, Carpet Disposals, & Drains.
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Size 11 TO 20 LB
Item 11-8188