BRAND: Succeed Digestive Conditioning

Succeed Oral Paste - 30 Days

(Freedom Health) Succeed DCP is a patent-pending nutritional formulation that addresses many needs of performance horses. By protecting the gut, it improves digestion and decreases the incidence of colic and ulcers. By stimulating the immune system, it keeps the horse healthy and less prone to infection. By providing essential nutrients and vitamins, it helps the horse put on weight and helps to prevent tying-up.

The oral paste comes in easy-to-use 0.95 oz. oral syringes. Great for a variety of applications - starting a horse on the program, for use on the track or at events, for horses off their feed or for messy eaters. Feed horse twice daily during first week of use, once daily thereafter.

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Size 30 CT
Item 22-7703