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Tea-Clenz® Anti-fungal/ Microbial Concentrate - Pint

Product Code: 01-0007
BRAND: Equus Magnificus, Inc.
Item #: 01-0007
Tea-Clenz® Anti-fungal/ Microbial Concentrate - Pint

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Tea-Clenz®: Anti-Fungal/ Microbial Concentrate is externally applied especially those involving large areas of the horse's body. Tea-Clenz equine body wash is a concentrated, externally applied, active quaternary germicide utilizing a benzathonium chloride base and tea tree oil. Supports the healing process effectively and naturally.

• Contains a powerful pharmaceutical anti-fungal/anti-bacterial agent: benzethonium chloride, buffered for pH of horse's skin & hair.
• Economical concentrated formula for ease of use.
• Extremely effective against ringworm, rain rot, rain scald and other topical fungal and bacterial conditions.
• Works within 3 applications and hair regrowth begins in 7-10 days. Nothing else like it on the commercial market.
• Contains Tea Tree Oil.
• Can be used to clean & sanitize tack, blankets, brushes, etc.

NOTE: Formerly marketed under Healing Tree Products.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 16 oz