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Tri-Hist® Granules (Rx) - 20 oz

Product Code: 22-2104
BRAND: Neogen®
Item #: 22-2104
Tri-Hist® Granules (Rx) - 20 oz

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Tri-Hist® Granules - Neogen Vet is a palatable cornmeal-based antihistamine used when a histamine antagonizing preparation is required. FDA approved for horses. Tri-Hist Granules helps alleviate skin and respiratory allergies such as: congestion, hives (urticaria), runny nose and itching.

Respiratory congestion can occur from a number of causes, including cold and flu viruses, allergens and non-infectious irritants. An antihistamine can provide immediate relief of symptoms and reduce the downtime due to illness. Decongestants help by relieving the symptoms already present, opening the airway and helping the horse breath.

Ingredients per ounce:
Pyrilamine maleate . . . 600 mg
Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride . . . 600 mg
Formulated in a palatable corneal base.

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