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Triabit with Happy-Mouth Snaffle

Product Code: 06-1003
BRAND: Iqonic Distribution
Item #: 06-1003
Triabit with Happy-Mouth Snaffle

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Triabit with Happy-Mouth Snaffle a modified version of the original Triabit, with a 5.0"/12.5cm solid steel snaffle coated with a plastic layer. It retains the same attributes as the original design (in terms of its kindness to the horse by way of minimizing pinching and maximizing airflow) but is lighter and adds a plastic outer layer to a slightly smaller snaffle, which some horses take to more readily.

The Original Triabit is a unique new bit design that allows racehorses to perform better by relieving them of the stress and discomfort associated with traditional bits, ensuring that they settle easily in races and that they don't waste energy in running.

5 inch bit.