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Ventipulmin Syrup (Rx) - 100 mL

Product Code: 888-205
BRAND: Boehringer Ingelheim
Item #: 888-205
Ventipulmin Syrup (Rx) - 100 mL

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Manufacture Backorder until December 2020. 1-800-928-7777


Requires Veterinarian's Prescription. Refer to the "ABOUT OUR PHARMACY. page for shipping restrictions.



Ventipulmin® Syrup (Clenbuterol HCI) is for the management of horses affected with airway obstruction such as COPD. Ventipulmin is the only FDA-approved solution for the management of airway obstruction associated with respiratory disease in horses.Helps your horse breathe easy.
    • Acts quickly - reaches lung tissue concentration in less than one hour.
    • Causes smooth muscles in the airway to relax, allowing for bronchodilation. This helps decrease resistance in the respiratory pathway, thus increasing airflow to the lungs.
    • Decreases the thickness of mucus to help improve respiratory airflow.
    • Palatable, colorless oral syrup for convenient administration and delivery. Respiratory diseases resulting in airway obstruction lead to a constricted bronchial muscle. This makes airflow difficult, leading to labored and difficult breathing

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