BRAND: Ogilvie

Water Heater - 31 Inches




Portable copper bucket heaters are to be used with any 115 volt outlet capable of supplying 1300 watts. A thermostat does NOT control the heater. This is a 30" shaft heater.
This bucket heater is constructed so that it can be placed upright in a bucket type vessel. The copper tubes house the heating element. Do not attempt to operate this unit except when immersed in water. This unit is not designed to keep water from freezing.

Helpful Hints:
- If the heating element (the copper spiral part of the heater) has a mineral buildup, soak it in vinegar. The heater will last longer and work more efficiently.
- When cooking oats, be sure to have enough water in the container so the element is still covered as the oats take up, and absorb the water. Otherwise the heater will overheat and fail.

More Information
Size 31 INCH
Item 19-8710