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Withers & Withers Horse Nutra-Treats Sugar-Free

Product Code: 11-7995
BRAND: Withers & Withers
Item #: 11-7995
Withers & Withers Horse Nutra-Treats Sugar-Free

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Withers and Withers Horse Nutra-TreatsTherapeutic Nutrition For Your Animals.
Nutra-Treats for Horses are formulated in collaboration with veterinarians and animal herbalists. They are fresh-pressed in small batches using organic herbs, air dried, dehydrated, fresh fruits and vegetables, and nutritional yeast flavorings. There are no preservatives therefore no nutrient loss from heat, bringing your pet optimal health benefits provided by nature. Our packaging is 100% compostable using only plant based materials.
Made in Hawaii, USA.
Approximately 180 treats in a 16 oz bag.

Three varieties available:

    1. Metabolic Balance - Sugar-Free Cinnamon - For Insulin Resistant, Cushings and Equine Metabolic Syndrome Horses. Organic Cinnamon Bark can boost sensitivity to insulin and activate insulin receptors to help control blood sugar levels. It is also a powerful anti- oxidant that can provide additional health benefits to laminitic horses.
    2. Digestion & Respiration - Sugar-Free Peppermint/Marshmallow - Organic Peppermint Leaf can soothe heartburn, prevent colic and help control diarrhea. It can also protect and heal respiratory, urinary and digestive systems. Organic Marshmallow Root can soothe mucous membranes in the stomach and lungs and can also prevent and stop coughs. Appropriate for IR horses.
    3. Circulation and Adrenal Support - Sugar-free Ginger & Licorice - Organic Ginger Root can Remove Congestion and Stimulate Circulation, easing joint pain and increasing Energy. Organic Licorice Root can Support Adrenal Glands to Reduce Stress during shipping and showing. Soothes Mucous Membranes and can help Heal Ulcers and Prevent Colic. Appropriate for IR horses. Not for pregnant mares.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 16 oz